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Life is about experiences and the lessons we unravel along the way. Join two friends Raquel & Regina as we tackle the funny, sometimes sad, and often uplifting journey called life. Our topics aim to inform & inspire. Whether it's about relationships, nutrition, sex, parenting, mental health, finances, celebrity news or world events, we will discuss it all. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine and let's share an experience.

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14 July 2024


Bridgerton! Bridgerton Bridgerton! This episode highlights Regina's preparation for her upcoming Bridgerton-Themed Birthday Party by dissecting favorite scenes from Season 3. Carriage ride anyone?

Hosts Raquel and Regina also navigate the challenging yet essential topics of grief and resilience as they honor and dedicate this episode to their friend Claiborne Christian, who recently passed. They reflect on the nature of grief, especially the unique pain of losing friends.

Claiborne Christian was a past panelist on the show. Listen to Season 1 Episode 12.

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12 June 2024

Thick to Fit

Ericka Venable is an entrepreneur, hairstylist, bodybuilder and a certified personal trainer. In this podcast episode, Ericka provides valuable advice for those looking to embark on a fitness journey. She also discusses the challenges of maintaining balance and discipline, especially when faced with societal pressures and temptation. Ericka discusses her experience in bodybuilding, dispelling stigmas associated with the sport and highlighting the inclusivity of the industry. She shares personal challenges and successes, as well as the importance of finding a supportive coach and creating a strong support system. Ericka encourages listeners to focus on their own goals and not compare themselves to others, emphasizing the unique nature of each individual's fitness journey.


Erica Venable



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19 May 2024

Black Don't Crack But It Does Other Things

Hosts Raquel and Regina talk to skincare specialist Jamisha of Vanities by Jay about the secrets to beautiful skin. From chemical peels to vajacials, Jamisha provides insights into various skincare treatments and issues like hyperpigmentation and acne.

Learn about the benefits of facials and exfoliation, proper skincare routines, the importance of sunscreen, and the do's and don'ts for healthy skin.

Get expert advice on using retinol, micro needling, and hyaluronic acid, as well as an understanding of cosmetic procedures like Botox, fillers, and laser treatments. Explore the world of skincare in-depth with this informative podcast episode.

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Vanities By Jay:



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29 March 2024

Plant-Based Lifestyle with LaVonda Hawkins

In this podcast episode, hosts Raquel and Regina are joined by health enthusiast LaVonda Hawkins, who shares her journey to a plant-based lifestyle. LaVonda discusses how she discovered the benefits of plant-based eating after being diagnosed with high blood pressure.  LaVonda emphasizes the importance of educating oneself about nutrition, experimenting with new recipes, and incorporating more plant foods into daily meals. She encourages listeners to take control of their health by exercising and opting for natural, whole foods.
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LaVonda Hawkins:
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Glow By LaVonda Whole Foods Plant-based Cookbook 
Books mentioned during the podcast:
The China Study by T. Colin Campbell 
What's Missing From Medicine by Saray Stantic
(Doctor who reversed her MS. She went on to run a marathon.)
Healthy At Last by Eric Adams 
(Reversed Diabetes)



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06 March 2024

Naturopathic Medicine & Acupuncture

Dr. Micah Allen, a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist, joins the R&R Experience to discuss naturopathic medicine and its wide-ranging benefits.

She highlights her passion for uncovering the root causes of health issues and emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care. The discussion offers insights into the treatments Dr. Allen provides, including lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine. 

Dr. Allen addresses common misconceptions about naturopathic medicine, explaining its evidence-based approach and its ability to work alongside traditional medicine. She delves into the ways acupuncture can help alleviate migraines, support menopause symptoms, promote mental health, treat infertility and allergies.  Her expertise and commitment to holistic care provide listeners with valuable information about natural alternatives for optimal health and wellness.


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Essential Natural Health

804 464-3315,

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Great links with data about Naturopathic Medicine: and



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28 February 2024


Hosts Raquel & Regina give a quick update about what's been going on behind the scenes regarding upcoming content for the podcast.  Recent pop culture headlines are also discussed.  Uncovered talent is revealed as one host makes her singing debut.

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