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Life is about experiences and the lessons we unravel along the way. Join two friends Raquel & Regina as we tackle the funny, sometimes sad, and often uplifting journey called life. Our topics aim to inform & inspire. Whether it's about relationships, nutrition, sex, parenting, mental health, finances, celebrity news or world events, we will discuss it all. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine and let's share an experience.

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14 February 2024


Cardiologist Dr. Cliff Morris joins R&R Experience to discuss heart health and preventative ways to avoid heart disease. Have you ever heard of A1C or lousy cholesterol? What about Type 3 Diabetes? Do you know the lifestyle changes you need to adopt to stay healthy? Dr. Morris outlines the important numbers you should know for optimal health and shares his favorite beverage recipe that can't be beat. 


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American Heart Association"s Essential 8


Dr. Vivien Thomas




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29 January 2024


Hosts Raquel & Regina dive into their second year by expressing gratitude to their listeners for a memorable first season. The hosts also discuss new goals for the podcast and upcoming guests. They also identify their "Word of Year" that will help inspire them throughout the season. Take a listen to hear a funny "Oh No" moment that's hotter than Dante's Inferno. 



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18 December 2023


In this mini episode, hosts Raquel and Regina take a moment to reflect on their first year of podcasting. They express gratitude for the support and feedback they've received from their listeners and guests, highlighting the importance of authenticity in their storytelling. Looking ahead to 2024, Raquel and Regina share their excitement for future episodes and guest interviews, as the R&R Experience podcast continues to connect people, share stories, and foster meaningful conversations.


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02 December 2023

Eat The Cake

The hosts humorously critique the unconventional and often laughable first date ideas from a list generated by men and women.  Graveyard, anyone? As November comes to a close, the hosts also reflect on their Thanksgiving experiences, discussing their family traditions and the joy of spending time with loved ones.

The significance of mental health and seeking support during the holiday season is also emphasized, along with the need to prioritize personal goals before the new year. The hosts share details about their most popular and shared episodes and express gratitude for their dedicated listeners.

Happy Birthday to Raquel's mom Amina!


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19 November 2023


Thanksgiving can be both a time of gratitude and anxiety as families gather together. This episode offers tips  on how to navigate the shade and angst that often accompany Thanksgiving celebrations. Whether it's dealing with family comments about weight or personal choices, or managing uncomfortable questions about relationships and goals, this episode provides practical advice to help create a peaceful and drama-free Thanksgiving experience.



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11 November 2023

The Woman in Me is Worthy

In this podcast episode, the hosts discuss Jada Pinkett Smith's memoir 'Worthy' and delve into the headlines surrounding her relationship with Will Smith. They highlight the confusion and complexities surrounding their separation and the impact it had on their public image. The discussion also touches upon Britney Spears' memoir "The Woamn in Me" and the challenges she faced throughout her career, including her mental health struggles and the pressures of fame. The episode explores themes of personal growth, mental health, and the challenges of maintaining relationships amidst fame and scrutiny.



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