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Raquel Regina

29 March 2024

46m 47s

Plant-Based Lifestyle with LaVonda Hawkins



In this podcast episode, hosts Raquel and Regina are joined by health enthusiast LaVonda Hawkins, who shares her journey to a plant-based lifestyle. LaVonda discusses how she discovered the benefits of plant-based eating after being diagnosed with high blood pressure.  LaVonda emphasizes the importance of educating oneself about nutrition, experimenting with new recipes, and incorporating more plant foods into daily meals. She encourages listeners to take control of their health by exercising and opting for natural, whole foods.
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LaVonda Hawkins:
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Glow By LaVonda Whole Foods Plant-based Cookbook 
Books mentioned during the podcast:
The China Study by T. Colin Campbell 
What's Missing From Medicine by Saray Stantic
(Doctor who reversed her MS. She went on to run a marathon.)
Healthy At Last by Eric Adams 
(Reversed Diabetes)